Disaster Spiritual Care

DISASTER SPIRITUAL CARE TRAINING (Not for pastors only!) 13 CE Credit Hours Available


Led by Sky Kershner, LPC, LCSW, ICISF Certified Trainer


  • If a friend’s child passed away, would you be able to say something helpful or would you stick your foot in your theological mouth?
  • If a coworker lost a loved one to a drug overdose, would you be able to respond with kindness and compassion?
  • If a neighbor’s home was destroyed by fire or flooding, how would you best be able to help?


When we think about critical incidents, terrorism, mass disasters, and violence generally come to mind. Critical incidents should make the news, right?…Not necessarily. A critical incident can be defined as ANY event that has a stressful impact sufficient enough to overwhelm the usually effective coping skills of an individual. Critical incidents are abrupt and powerful events that fall outside the range of ordinary human experiences. Critical incidents include disasters such as earthquakes, mine explosions, terrorist attacks and school shootings – but vehicle accidents resulting in injury or death, sexual assaults and being witness to an event that caused someone harm can also be stressful and challenge our coping skills. When such events occur, we as helpers in the community may possess especially powerful restorative attributes. Disaster spiritual care is one of the most unique and profound tools that can be used when a crisis takes place. It is critically important that those of us in the helping field are able to provide disaster spiritual care according to best practices, while adhering to local incident command protocols.  Pastoral Crisis Intervention is a combination of faith-based resources and traditional techniques of crisis intervention. The purpose of this two-day course is to assist the participants in learning how pastoral interventions and traditional psychological crisis interventions may be effectively integrated.   Anyone interested in the use of faith-based resources in healing should find this course of interest. Mental health professionals, chaplains, pastoral counselors, ministers and laity are encouraged to attend. This training is open to all faith traditions. Thanks to the generosity of the West Virginia Council of Churches, WV DHHR Behavioral Health, WV VOAD and KPCC Counseling, there is no cost to attend this training. Lunch will provided. Registration is required to attend.

When: September 18-19, 2017 Time: 9:00-5:00pm, both days   Christ Church United Methodist Charleston, WV   13 CE credit hours are available


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