The Kanawha Valley Village People Inc. (KVVP) is a non-profit seniors organization

The Kanawha Valley Village People Inc. (KVVP) is a non-profit seniors organization. Our members come from all over the Kanawha Valley and are the core of the KVVP. Our goal is to help create the kind of friendly, interesting, supportive community that our members would want to live in.  The KVVP was formed, in some measure, to address the desire to remain in our homes, independently, for as long as possible as we age. Creating a community of like-minded individuals, new friendships, and new possibilities to continue to explore our life time possibilities are all part of that challenge. We celebrate the all-important ability to change and age together. Here are some of our member benefits: concierge service for members needing referrals to service providers, bi-weekly eBulletin of activities and offers, eBlasts for alerts or special events, offers/activities available to members-only,  programs and social activities, personal medical ID card, Crisis Casserole services, Telephone Tree contacts, discounts at some service providers, website full of information on the organization, bi-monthly Villager newsletter, and being part of an exciting, new, successful nationwide movement to create improved lives and opportunities for seniors. To learn more, visit our website at where you can view past newsletters, see current activities, photo albums of past activities, and apply for membership. You are welcome to contact us at

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