Restorative Justice Presentation & Discussion

Dear supporters of criminal justice reform,


Expungement law now in effect…read all about it!


On June 7th Senate Bill 152 the expungement bill became law of the land in West Virginia!  This is exciting for so many people who have waited years to no longer be discriminated against because of their conviction history.  And it’s exciting for West Virginia because we are stronger when our friends and neighbors are afforded every opportunity to employment, housing, and hope.


Please see the attached one pager from Legal Aid of WV for important information about the new law.  Take caution before you file your petition because the law states you can only petition once, so please be absolutely sure before you petition that you are eligible and you have all your paperwork in order.  For more details about what qualifies, how to petition etc., the Legal Aid of WV website is an excellent resource.  Spread the word!


Also if you are a lawyer or know any lawyers who might want to volunteer to assist people with their expungement petition, please respond to this email.  We hope to see as many people as possible who are eligible to petition to successfully navigate the process and get their record cleared!

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