Lost and Found Antique and Vintage Photos

Many family’s photos, journals, letters, samplers, Bibles, etc. end up belonging to a collector, an antique shop, sold in an auction or in a yard sale. I have made it my mission to attempt to get such family artifacts – their ‘treasures’ back to the rightful descendants.
There are other websites who are also doing this but I have made it my personal mission to try and help wherever and whenever I can.
On the web site, Ancestors Lost and Found, through the USGenNet (non-profit genealogy site) they have already been doing this on a much larger scale.  I am doing this on a much smaller scale with my main focus on West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland. However, if I come across something much farther away, I will still post it.
Whenever possible, I will provide as much information as I can. My main focus is on photos, autobiographies, journals, letters, etc. I will post all types of found items, including marriage certificates, letters, photo albums, scrapbooks, birth announcements, and the like.
If the item was at an antique store, I will post the name of the store so that anyone who wants to purchase the item, can contact the store directly.
If you find that you have information about an item that I have posted, please feel free to send me the information and I will gladly add it.
I have also made every effort to send notify applicable historical societies whenever possible with the hopes of reconnecting folks with their ancestor and family items.
Have a Blessed Day!
Cindie Harper